Engineering + Art = Architecture


Metal Art


We are not teaching students to be come architects. We borrow the thinking process in architectural design which combines both engineering and art skills. In addition to building a model using their engineering skills, students are encouraged to make their project eye pleasing where they would would exercise their art skills.
Students are strongly encourage to use their STEM skills throughout the learning process.


Play with base metal and turn it into art or a new object!. Due to the sharp and heavy tool used in this program, we only offer for middle school students or older.



Architecture Path


The Secret Life of Geometry (Grades 1-4)


Recycled Neighborhood (Grades 2-4)


Bridge it (Grades 4-6)


Dream it (Grades 6-8)


Skyscraper it (Grades 5-8)


Roller coaster it (Grades 4-7)


Future cities (Grades 4-8)


Have you ever had a math lesson from fruits or plants? Some math or geometry shapes recur again and again in nature Discover how and why artists, architects, engineers use these naturally occurring patterns in their designs. Use this knowledge to create a model from recycled materials, a home for a real or imaginary creature.


Craft your recycled material houses. We will observe building and some landscaping around us to explore geometric shapes, color and texture to craft their dream house. Students combine their houses with other student's houses to make an awesome neighborhood. Students will take home their houses. Ability to use scissors required. This program is available through Friend's School.


Wondering how bridge works? Would you like to design your own bridge and test if it could hold you? Students will have a chance to explore different types of bridge design and how forces is distributed to the structure, design and build the model and test it. One of our popular class.


Design your dream house in you favorite location and make it "green". Think how passive solar, wind turbines and other "green" technology can power your house and reduce global warming.


Dreaming of designing your own skyscraper? How does "mother nature" affect your design? Explore how to build a high-rise building. Draw it, plan it and build a model of your skyscraper.


Wondering how a roller coaster works? Do you think you have the imagination to build the rides of the century? Join us to explore the physics of a roller coaster, build a model and test it. Permission to use tools required. Model building materials are provided.


Explore how erosion and weathering can change the future of the earth's surface. Students explore erosion using the newest ed-tech tool and make a model of future cities.



Programming Path


Mechanical Computing (Grades 2-6)


Students explore computational thinking using Turing Tumble, a marble powered computer followed by learning coding by



Biology Path

Ode to Aristotle (Grade 2-5)


Mendel, Darwin, Robert Hooke, and other biologists too. In this class, students will explore cells using the newest ed-tech tool and create an imaginary cell for their imaginary creatures.



Short Half Day Program Or Parties

Land Ho... Matey! (Ages 8+)


Wild Kats... (Ages 8+)


Bubble Bubbles.... (Ages 8+)


Medieval Knight (Ages 8+)


Stamp it. (Ages 10+)


You, an adventurous pirate, just landed on a new tropical island. It has abundant of palm trees, beautiful beaches, a mountain, and a lake. Best of all, no one lives there... So, it is your opportunity for you and your friends to design your new land. Programs available in Broomfield SPRING 2018.


Surprise....! Your uncle, who just came from his long safari, brought home a kitty cat. You love her much and you would like to spoil her. What are you going to do? It is your opportunity to wear your designer hat to design and build a model for your cat's new home.


Design and make your bubble wands from wire or other materials and decorate it. Learn the science of bubble, make your bubble solution and test with your brand new bubble wands.


As a new knight, your mission is to save a princess from a castle. Explore how to transfer energy potential and energy kinetic. Use your new knowledge and create a contraption to destroy the "paper cup" castle and save the princess.


Make your letter hand stamped necklaces or dog tags. Learn the basic metal technique, explore how to use proper tools to create your unique piece.



Girl Scouts

Brownies: Pet


Juniors and Cadettes: Jeweler Badge


Cadettes: Breathe


Seniors: Room Makeover


Learn about your pet's needs, food, activities and care. Make them happier by designing and making a 3D model for your animal "cottage".


Girls will have the opportunity to explore the tools of the trade, make a metal letter stamping jewelry and make their own unique found objects jewelry. Time permitting, they will make sparkling gift and birthstone book (or work on it at home)
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Explore about options of renewable energy. Design and make a 3D model of a dwellings and make it "green" .


Come and do a room makeover plan. Learn about color, texture, forms and then design and make a model of your dream room.